Horsing around is for kids

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Horsing around is for kids
In my area, the closest stable that offers riding lessons for children is a five mile drive. Which, is not that far, but when I have to take four children there, it can seem like journeying to the moon.

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Where I live there is not much access to equestrian activities, which is a great shame. It seems like all children are entranced by the beauty and the majesty of horses. They are graceful beautiful intelligent creatures who enrich human’s lives greatly. Since the majority of us do not live in areas where horses are permitted, learning to ride can be a bit of a hassle as one cannot just go to the neighbor and hop on their pony. In years past, children learned to handle and ride horses as a part of living. Now it is becoming a lost skill. In my area, the closest stable that offers riding lessons for children is a five mile drive. Which, is not that far, but when I have to take four children there, it can seem like journeying to the moon. For <strong>children’s horse riding lessons</strong> it is important that they learn how to handle and care for a horse or pony in addition to riding. Confidence handling the animal translates into confidence riding. Personally, I strongly believe children should learn to catch a horse from turn out, groom, and tack up a horse. In addition to learning basic first aid for horses, as well as anatomy, in addition to riding. Caring for a horse is an excellent way to learn responsibility. Additionally, caring for the horse fosters the bond between horse and rider and builds mutual trust and respect. <strong>Children’s lessons</strong> at a stable typically begin at age four at the earliest. As it is about this age that children will be able to listen to an instructor and follow directions. As much as parents are tempted to hover over their children in lessons, it is best to let the instructor handle things. Remember that there is a chance that a child will fall off of a horse in the course of their learning. The vast majority of these falls result in no serious injuries. After falling, assuming there are no serious injuries, it is absolutely critical for a young rider to get back on the horse. It is an important part of learning. To point, during a cross country training exercise, I fell and fractured my wrist. I still got back on the horse before going to the doctor. I needed to make sure that I would not have any mental barriers to returning to riding. In the western United States, <strong>Western style riding</strong>, or cowboy style riding is by far the most common. This style encompasses a wide variety of skills and disciplines including herding cattle, barrel racing, trail riding, and pole bending. If a person goes to a stable to take a trail ride, chances are they will be using a western style saddle. <strong>English riding</strong> is what I spent many years learning. English riding includes, equitation, dressage, stadium jumping, cross country, dressage, and many more. English riding is often divided into two broad categories, forward seat and saddle seat. Forward seat riding refers to hunters/ jumpers and dressage. Saddle seat is designed to show off the high stepping gaits of some breeds. Saddle Seat is not used over fences. English riding is very different from western, and uses different equipment as well as different cues. Of all of the classes I took as a child, <strong>horse riding</strong> was by far my favorite. Some of my best memories are centered on horses. I learned a great deal about teamwork, communication, perseverance, and compassion through riding. All of these skills have served me well throughout my life, and I am immensely grateful for the companionship horses have given me.
By: MyClasses.org

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